Kathy & Cyrus Fiscus

In early 2013, after receiving the life-altering news that our second child, Cyrus, had Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, it was painfully apparent that he was always going to need a significant level of assistance. The thought of him needing to someday live in a group home was terrifying. It was during this time that the idea was conceived to start a farm that would provide a home and community life for Cyrus and others with disabilities.

This farm would be a place of peace and joy. It would provide a life that is enriching to the residents. They would help grow their own food; an activity that would be rewarding and nourishing to their bodies and souls. They would have opportunities to create art, work with animals, and engage in various community activities.

Individuals with disabilities are too often overlooked or neglected, and the world in general is not accessible for many people. Sunrise Village aims to change this in our community. We believe that all people are valuable and deserve to have opportunities to be their best selves. At Sunrise Village, everyone will be treated with dignity and be given the opportunity to have a voice. We envision a community where people of all abilities are valued and given the support they need to lead rich, purpose-filled lives.

The name “Sunrise Village” is inspired by Cyrus, which means “sun”, and “sunrise” elicits the feelings of hope that we strive to cultivate within our community.